The holiday is sacrificed for emergency help: the couple drives to Wallonia three times with the things collected |  Abroad

The holiday is sacrificed for emergency help: the couple drives to Wallonia three times with the things collected | Abroad

Last summer wasn’t a lazy holiday for Ingrid Desmedt, 51, and Geert Bonivalli, 51, of De Holsten in Zorzel, Belgium. During the two weeks of their vacation, they prepared at least three packages of relief items for flood victims in Wallonia a month earlier. Yesterday they went for the third time to the areas around Liège to deliver items from four trucks packed with their own hands.

In fact, the Belgian couple has already helped four times. “When our vacation started, we drove to Pepinster (between Liège and Verviers, editor) on Monday with cleaning supplies, buckets and shovels,” Ingrid says. “We rang the doorbell to see who could still use the help. In fact, most of them have already been cleaned. Rubble has already been cleared in most homes. A local volunteer, who has been in contact with the small hamlets, told us that there is still a great need for food and cleaning products. The Red Cross stock in the Beppenster gymnasium is insufficient and insufficient.”

wave of solidarity

, you can go home again, close your eyes and say, “We’re fine here.” But we couldn’t and didn’t want to. “Our citizens need,” Ingrid says. The day after their return from Pepinster, the couple posted a call on Facebook for water, coffee, breakfast products, canned stews, laundry and cleaning products…a wave of solidarity confirmed that the driveway at De Hulsten was full. Thursday and Friday Ingrid and Geert brought everything to Pepinster. It didn’t stop there, because on Sundays everyone could deliver food or basically laundry and cleaning supplies, this time to Nisunfo and Jofontaine, which were bombed in July. The couple divorced on Monday.

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We are trying not only to deliver relief supplies, but also to encourage those affected. It makes them happy to know that they are not alone


The third group of Nisonvo and Jofontaine on Friday focused on victims’ demand for electrical appliances, such as electric stoves, freezers and coffee makers. “Many appliances have become unusable because of the water,” Gert explains. The initiative inspired a butcher in Timsey and a friend of Ingrids to organize a collecting drive on Friday. On Saturday, the Zoersels left for the province of Liège again. Four trucks and a trailer have been filled. “Solidarity is huge.”


A strong example of altruism. “Almost a full-time job during our vacation. We work on it every day. With these four buses, there has been practically movement. We are trying not only to get relief supplies out, but also to encourage those affected. They are happy to know they are not alone. When you travel, you get to know people Others are in a different environment. This time she was in a completely different situation, but with the same result,” says Ingrid.

Tomorrow Ingrid and Geert must go back to work. But this does not mean the end of their help. “It does not stop here. If some things are needed, we will try to take care of them. For example, a family of five urgently needs a caravan on wheels to live in temporarily. It must weigh less than 3,500 kilograms to be able to cross a bridge Temporary. It looks like he’s still pretty sad at Ensival. Maybe we can help there too,” the couple conclude.

Anyone with a cart on wheels can contact Ingrid Desmedt at 0032-4 97 49 01 23.

Ingrid and Geert traveled to Wallonia for the third time on Saturday with the items collected. © HLN

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