The Greek track takes over the wildcard ABN AMRO Open from Murray

The Greek track takes over the wildcard ABN AMRO Open from Murray

Tournament director Richard Krajesek of the ABN AMRO Open still managed to award a wild card to the Greek Talon course. The Netherlands’ No. 2 replaces Scotsman Andy Murray, who withdrew from the ATP Championships in Rotterdam.

The Greek track initially chose not to go to the ABN AMRO Open, but included a number of clay tournaments in South America in its schedule. Krajicek then gave available wildcards to Murray, Gaël Monfils and Tim van Rijthoven. After winning the ATP tournament in Pune, the Greek track decided to change its program while continuing to play in Rotterdam. He should have played in the playoffs, but now that Murray isn’t attending, he has a spot available for Greek track.

“We view it as a blessing in disguise,” says Krajicek. “On the one hand, it’s a pity that Andy Murray is not there. On the other hand, I’m glad we can accept Talon right away. He’s the guy in good shape and I think he can show great things at the ABN AMRO Open.” Partly because of his first ATP title in India, the Greek track climbed to No. 59 in the world rankings.

The 50th edition of the ABN AMRO Open will be held from February 11-19 in Rotterdam.

Source: National Ports Agency

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