The gelatin in the measles vaccine is pure · Health and Science

The gelatin in the measles vaccine is pure · Health and Science

Where does this news come from?

Vaccination against Measles, mumps, and rubella It is included in the basic vaccination schedule and is provided free of charge. The three vaccines are contained in one combination vaccine. This is given by the first injection at 12 months of age and the second injection in fourth grade. Those who are not vaccinated can always receive a catch-up vaccination (1). Vaccination is Safe and effective.

The combination vaccine is widely used in Belgium MMRVaxPro user. it contains Gelatin. There is a second combination vaccine against the same three infectious diseases, Pririx, which does not contain gelatin.

In countries where Prerex is offered, for example in the UK and Norway, it is emphasized that Prerex does not contain gelatin (2,3,4). This feeds into the idea that there is something wrong with gelatin in vaccines or that it is undesirable for people with certain religious beliefs.


(1) Care department. Measles.

How should you interpret this news?

Pork gelatin

Gelatin is obtained from the connective tissues of some animals, including chickens, pigs, fish, and cattle. In the Production of certain vaccines And in making all kinds of things Capsules for medications It becomes permanent Pork gelatin user.

  • Pork gelatin ensures the presence of active ingredients in vaccines or capsules stable It remains during storage and does not lose its strength.
  • Gelatin has No effect On the vaccine, it’s a filler.
  • You become the means purification During the vaccine production process.
Allowed for Muslims

Orthodox Muslims It is not permissible to eat pork, because they consider pigs to be unclean animals. The Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences, an official body that issues rulings for Muslims, has a series Exceptions Summarize. Pork ingredients that have been refined through the production process are considered pure (5). This includes:

  • Gelatin for medical applications, such as vaccines;
  • Soap based on pork fat;
  • Pork insulin for diabetics.
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Jews allowed

also Judaism It has extensive rules about what Jews may or may not eat. It is not permissible to eat pork according to kashrut (the so-called dietary laws). Pork is not called kosher. But: In the Jewish community, these laws only apply to what you do Oral Takes. Since most vaccines are given by injection, there is no objection to receiving a vaccine that contains gelatin (5).


Some vaccines contain gelatin as an excipient. The measles, mumps and rubella vaccine used in Belgium, MMRVaxPro, is on that list. Gelatin comes from the connective tissue of pigs. Parents who are not allowed to consume pork because of their religion are concerned about these vaccines. They can rest assured. The official Islamic and Jewish bodies that deal with these issues explicitly state that vaccines containing gelatin are pure and can be used. Gelatin is also widely used in the production of medicines in capsules.


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