The French opposition wants to make it very difficult for President Macron

The French opposition wants to make it very difficult for President Macron

The French opposition parties to President Macron have made it clear that they will not make life easier for him yet Parliamentary elections on Sunday† The coalition to which Macron belongs lost an absolute majority, forcing him to make concessions with other parties.

But this will not be easy. The most logical partner for cooperation for Macron is the conservative Republican Party, the former power party that previously introduced presidents such as Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac. But the leader of this party says that joining an alliance with Macron is not on the table.

“It would be a fraud,” leader Christian Jacob said after meeting Macron. Earlier, Jacob described the French president as arrogant. He appears to be open to negotiations on various sub-topics. But he also said it was up to Macron to find compromises.

Meanwhile, Macron also denied Prime Minister Bourne’s resignation. She submitted her resignation, as is the custom after the elections, but Macron says the government “must continue to perform its duties”.

Left keeps the door closed

Left parties also want to know a little more about cooperation with Macron at the moment. Left-wing Jean-Luc Melenchon, part of the left-wing Nupes Partnership which came in second place, wants Prime Minister Bourne dismissed. “We are wasting our time,” he said after speaking at the presidential palace.

The leader of the Socialist Party wants to cooperate with Macron only if the minimum wage is raised sharply. Something Macron sees little in. According to leader Olivier Faure, the party can support some policy proposals, but only if the president also supports their ideas. Gone are the days when Macron could rule alone, Faure said.

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“From now on, it must accept an important role for Parliament,” he said. “It’s healthy to take responsibility and negotiate.” And for support, Macron certainly doesn’t have to knock on the door of Marine Le Pen of the radical right-wing National Rally party. She has already said that she will not make any concessions.

There is also unease in French politics about Macron’s agenda. He is due to be in Brussels later this week for meetings with European leaders. Then he travels to Germany to attend the G7 summit and then to Madrid to attend the NATO summit.

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