The Flodder family moves to America

The Flodder family moves to America

In Stupid in America! The Flodder family crosses the border. The Flounders have strange adventures in New York.

The Floder family comes to an end in this blockbuster sequel Stupid in New York, as part of a cultural exchange program.

Stupid in America!

At the airport, the reception team mistakes the Floder family for a delegation of Russian scientists. Because of that misunderstanding, the Flodders come to an end Stupid in America! Immediately in the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the city.

From there they will tour New York on their own. Of course, that’s the floater’s way, with its attendant chaos and confusion.

Tatjana Simic

Daughter Keys (Tadjana Simic) soon finds herself working as a stripper in a nightclub. In fact, the son of the President of the United States is in love with her!

Meanwhile, Johnny (Hope Stabile) messes with the nightclub owner’s wife. It all leads to a spectacular ending in which the Statue of Liberty must suffer.

Stupid in America! By the early 1990s, it was drawing nearly one and a half million viewers to theaters. It is still one of the most watched Dutch films.

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