The first major update PS5 adds an option to save games to external storage – Games – News

Work is underway on PS5 (as well as Xbox Series S | X) and PC with DX12 and a few other advancements. Think:
– Devices that ensure that highly compressed files can be used at a blazing speed
– Due to the speed of SSDs, there is no longer a need to “duplicate” many files on the hard disk (this happened regularly to improve download times)
– Much more bandwidth between storage and CPU / GPU / memory to be able to load more data as well as speed

The disadvantage is that many modern game engines do not directly use all of these functions, and all of this development takes time. As long as there are also computers with slow 5400 RPM hard drives, many games will have to take this into account and thus limit technical ambitions.

But your example is otherwise correct and it goes slowly; Storage can actually be considered a somewhat slower type of memory to be able to read data very quickly; The efficiency of this data is increased in order to reduce the space required.

I don’t think you should do that with Downloads because if you don’t have a connection (or your connection is so slow) it will cause errors. ;)

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