The first image of the Facebook smart watch with a front camera appears on the Internet – tablets and phones – News

Data miner Steve Moser has found the company’s first smartwatch image inside an app from Facebook’s parent company Meta. The smartwatch gets rounded screen corners and a front camera at the bottom of the screen.

picture that Moser shares Bloomberg, showing the front of the smartwatch and part of the strap. According to the image, the smartwatch will have a case with curved corners, just like the screen with curved corners. The bezels of this screen also appear to be relatively thin.

What is striking about the smartwatch is the notch located at the bottom of the screen, which houses the camera. This is in line with With previous rumors About the smartwatch, who said that the watch will have a camera on the front and back. This front camera is for video calling. Smart watches from Apple and Samsung do not have such a camera. Moreover, the smartwatch appears to have buttons on the top and right side of the screen.

According to those earlier rumors, the smartwatch will be launched in the summer of 2022 and the wearable will have a detachable screen. When the screen is separated from the smartwatch frame, the 1080p rear camera can be used to capture photos and videos that can be shared on Meta platforms again. The smartwatch will use a modified version of Android and can be used for smartphone tasks. The smartwatch may get 4G and a heart rate monitor.

Moser found the photo in the Meta app for Ray ban storiesSmart glasses developed by Meta and Ray-Ban. Mita is the new name Facebook, Inc., the parent company of Facebook. The company is also said to be working on the second and third generation of the smartwatch.

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