The first ever site is 30 years old today (and can still be visited)

The first ever site is 30 years old today (and can still be visited)

British creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee, posted a link to . On August 6, 1991 first site In an online discussion group. The first site was that of the European research institute CERN in Geneva, where Berners-Lee worked.

The physicist came up with the idea for WWW in 1989. “Your proposal is vague but exciting,” replied his boss at CERN. Berners-Lee wanted to connect computers in a new way over the Internet, so that more scientific information would be readily available. Before then, Berners-Lee used hyperlinks that link documents and information, and the Internet has been around ever since. late sixtiesIt mainly focuses on exchanging messages between computers.

The third place was the Netherlands

The Dutch also played a role in the development of WWW. It was the third site ever in February 1992 The Dutch Scientific Institute Attune. Scholar Willem van Leeuwen of Nikhef previously attended a workshop for Berners-Lee. In early 1992 he made a number of scripts to make Nikhef’s information available via WWW.

“It wasn’t until I installed it and saw that I understood how it worked,” Van Leeuwen later said. Berners-Lee used his texts to convince skeptical CERN employees about the web’s qualities.

“No one could have predicted that he would go off this way,” Van Leeuwen’s colleague Kees Huyser told RTL Z. Huyser has become the world’s fourth “webmaster” in the world. “When Van Leeuwen also asked me to set up a web server, I thought it was nonsense at first, because there were already all kinds of other information systems in there. But I did it anyway.” The site has no first time visitors. At that time it was only used internally by scholars and secretaries.

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1.8 billion web pages

It took a few more years before the WWW really penetrated with consumers and was no longer the domain of scientists and computer enthusiasts. The WWW currently has more than 1.8 billion pages.

Tech giants criticized

Berners-Lee continues to work on the future of the web and expresses it regularly Cash The impact of big tech companies. The 65-year-old scientist is currently working on the project Solid Where data is stored decentralized rather than on centralized platforms.

The web pioneer earned the nickname “sir” in his country for his invention.

Sell ​​WWW source code

The original source code of the World Weather Network (WWW) was recently auctioned Selling 4.6 million euros As a non-fungible token (NFT), a non-fungible attribute that guarantees ownership of digital objects.

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