The first box office numbers for "Avatar 2" have been disappointing so far

The first box office numbers for “Avatar 2” have been disappointing so far

Director James Cameron He hopes to be able to work in his office for years to come symbol pictureThe franchise that started in 2009 hit the box office all over the world. But for that he needs a successful sequel.

Recepion Avatar: Water Road Anyway, it’s pretty good, and every reviewer recommends audiences to watch the movie on the silver screen.

office box
The first financial results are pouring in now. In the United States, it collected about $17 million during the night previews. Not terribly impressive. So I go out Spider-Man: No way home About $50 million last year.

Revenues for the entire Friday night, including preview night, are also good at $55 million, but not as impressive as might be expected. Deadline now estimates first weekend revenue at $150 million, while $175-185 million might have been projected.

Other sources believe the first weekend is “only” $120 million. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It started last month with $181.3 million.

Christmas holidays
That’s a good possibility water way There will be a little competition over the Christmas holidays and it will probably raise many millions. A billion dollars worldwide seems a matter of time, but whether or not $2 billion or maybe even $3 billion will ever be reached.

Another big advantage is that the film will be shown in China as one of the few Hollywood films in 2022.

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