The FIFA Rules of the Game Committee are older than FIFA

The FIFA Rules of the Game Committee are older than FIFA


FIFA has a special committee for the rules of international football. This organization is older than the Football Association itself.

FIFA is the FIFA Accommodation On May 21, 1904, after the initiative of France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In the British Isles alone, there was absolutely no interest in an international football organisation, seriously undermining FIFA’s credibility. After all, this is where football originated. As if a world commission is being set up for Elfstedentocht Friesland wants nothing to do.

Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland are in fact the birthplace of football and that is why it has become home nations call. They played against each other in the 19th century, before the advent of FIFA. For those mutual matches, it was necessary to conclude agreements on the rules of the game, which were recognized by all parties, the so-called game rules† After all, it is easier for the referee if both teams play by the same rules. This saves a lot of controversy.

In order to arrange it, in 1886, he International Football Association Board (IFAB), with the participation of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland. It was there that the organizational foundations of football were laid, eighteen years before the founding of FIFA. Football as we know it today goes back 133 years.


So it was very disturbing that Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland did not want to join FIFA. A double trick was devised to join FIFA: the four were accepted as independent members and the four went on to play a crucial role in IFAB.

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For example, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland received not one vote, but four. Furthermore, the FIFA Council was retained in its old form, to which FIFA was added. The union got fifty percent of the vote home nations All 12.5% ​​- also added fifty percent.

However, the initiative is still with home countries, Because the rules of the game only change with at least 75% of the vote. This means that FIFA does not have the opportunity to decide for itself what will be changed. This situation has remained that way since 1904, until 2019. The only thing that has changed is that Northern Ireland has taken its place.

One hundred years of strife

In 1913, CAW Hirschman was the first Dutchman to be admitted to the IFAB on behalf of FIFA. He had no opportunity to influence him, because until 1920 he did not even have the right to vote. He was only allowed to view a file home nations Pay attention to the rules of the game. And that’s while there were already heated discussions about this at the time.

telegraph For example, in 1919 he spoke of “the tyranny of the English within the International Football Association”. Nine years later he wrote The Hague newspaper: “The great strength of the International Council dates back to the times when England dominated the entire world of football.”

So there was a fight about the rules of football a hundred years ago, which will undoubtedly continue for a century. In any case, some rules of the game will be changed again next year by the club, which is older than FIFA itself.

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CAW Hirschmann

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