The fields at Harkstead are unplayable: striped by school football

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The school football competition for groups 7 and 8 from the Menterwolde – Slochteren – Harkstede area has been canceled this afternoon. The pitches at VV Harkstede’s Sportpark De Hamstede are unplayable. “There’s water on them and they’re wet,” says competition director Albert Goers. The match has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 10. “I still have to short-circuit it with the KNVB.”

“The regional finals are a week later. I hope our winners can make it.”

So Isn’t it?

“We will allow it to continue, but it depends on whether the schools come or not.”


Today, teams from Zuidbroekster schools De Wegwijzer (2) and De Tandem (2 more), De Parel and Menderhorn (2) will participate in Muntendam, Dorpschool Meeden and Noordbroek’s Inspector America and others.

Groups 5 and 6

Next week, students from groups 5 and 6 will play football against each other in Harkstede. Inspector America has 2 teams, just like de Wegwijr. Muthu also participates.

Photos: School football match, last year, in Harkstede.

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