The FBI removed 11,000 documents and 90 empty folders from Trump's home

The FBI removed 11,000 documents and 90 empty folders from Trump’s home

internationalSep 3 ’22 10:38 AMauthor: AP

The FBI found more than 11,000 government documents early last month while searching for the resort of former President Donald Trump. Not only were these in boxes in a storage room, as it turned out earlier, but they were also found in Trump’s personal office.

In addition, dozens of empty volumes were found, including 48 volumes marked “confidential”. According to international media, this raises the question of whether all the missing documents have come to light.

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A judge hearing Trump’s request to appoint an independent arbitrator (special master) disclosed information about the Mar-a-Lago raid in Florida, Palm Beach, on Friday. According to The Guardian, these court documents provide the best picture yet of what was found at the Trump home.

Amazing discovery

FBI agents retrieved 71 blank folders from Trump’s office and 19 blank folders from the storage room. In addition to the 48 empty folders labeled “classified”, there were also 40 empty folders containing “sensitive information”. It is not clear why these volumes do not contain papers. According to the British newspaper, the “astonishing discovery” may indicate that some of the most secret US government documents have yet to be found after the FBI raid.

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Seven documents described as “top secret” were found in the former president’s personal office. These papers must be stored in government facilities according to protocols.


The New York Times writes that it is gradually becoming clear how important government documents are scattered randomly among other items. In addition to thirty newspaper clippings from 2008-2019, three pieces of clothing, a book, eleven secret and 21 secret and 255 government documents or unclassified photographs were found in one box.

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According to the American newspaper, it appears that fears of “violating the rules established to protect national security” are justified. The revelation also provides further evidence that Trump’s claim that he only had “declassified” documents at his home is “false,” the New York Times wrote.

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