The expulsion of Afghanistan is a contest against time

The expulsion of Afghanistan is a contest against time

It is time for the Netherlands and other European countries to expel as many people as possible from Afghanistan. The United States wants its allies to complete final evacuation flights by this weekend. But it remains to be seen whether everyone will be able to leave the country.

However, the cabinet expects that not everyone will be able to return from the country because the Taliban are in control. 1,250 people signed up to vacate. At the moment, about 500 people from that group have already been expelled from the country. The pressure is on as the Americans agree to allow the Taliban to leave the country on August 31. Peter Vijininga, a security expert at the Hague Center for Strategic Studies, therefore did not expect to be able to evict everyone. ‘It doesn’t work. We have 2 Hercules planes flying up and down. You can get up to 100 people there. ‘

Ask this too The Cabinet takes into account that those who are expelled will be left behind

Thousands of discharges

From Kabul, people were taken to safer areas such as Pakistan and Uzbekistan. If those people are there, we can take the time to bring them to the Netherlands step by step, ”said Vijininga. However, other countries still have to expel many more people. France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States must also expel thousands of people from Afghanistan. “It depends on what’s going on. If the evacuations continue until Friday, and everything stops, you still have a total of 2.5 days. People are waiting at the airport gate and waiting at home until they are picked up.

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The security expert may be linked to the Taliban’s position. ‘It’s a brain drain. Well-trained people leave. They are needed to further develop the country. But if you really want to leave, it’s dramatic, because you can no longer feel safe in Afghanistan. ‘ However, these people still have options to leave. Although the Taliban claim all border posts as their own, Vijininka says there are a lot of shortcuts. The border with Pakistan passes through an uninhabited area. All the shortcuts are there. The Taliban used it themselves. Refugees can also use this. But getting all those people out would not be that big of a deal, ” Vijininka thinks. He says if Western countries want to expel people from Afghanistan, they should talk to the Taliban.

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