The ex who warns Debbie about Harry himself is co-owner of B&B Vol Liefde

The ex who warns Debbie about Harry himself is co-owner of B&B Vol Liefde

“I really waited for Harry,” Debbie groans when the best man enters her bed and breakfast in Spain. “He looks so good, across the board,” she confided to Paul, who’s clearly been feeling butterflies since his kiss with Debbie. But at the same time something explodes. When Harry reveals in his first conversation with Debbie that he had an affair of a few months with a good friend of Debbie’s twelve years earlier, he investigates.

“Mary, there’s something coincidentally going on,” Debbie said on the phone. “I peed my pants laughing.” “Who do you have there?” You hear the previous question asked. Then I say to Debbie, “Watch out.” She agrees with Debbie’s suspicion of Harry. and “I don’t think it’s just classy, ​​but I don’t know if it’s hot.” In addition, Debbie wonders aloud if Harry is “too perfect”. “A man my age, lonely, single, with everything so perfect, just isn’t right.”

Time will tell. Meanwhile, attentive viewers discover that Anne-Marie, Debbie’s friend, can be seen in the past year B&B with love. She then travels to Hans and His Horses in France, where she thanks the love triangle with Petra. This is how Anne-Marie looks at her B&B with loveAdventure:

B&B with love It can be seen every business day at 8:30 p.m. on RTL 4 and can be seen in advance on Videoland.

Debbie herself also has a well-known precedent:

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