The events sector complains of “measurement by two standards”

The events sector complains of “measurement by two standards”

Cabinet does nothing with Fieldlab results. Thus, the juvenile sector is punishing the mistakes made by the politicians themselves, says Mojo and KNVB in AD. According to them, science should be the leader in event politics.

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Indeed, both organizations are right, says Bert Nesters, a virologist at UMCG. Fieldlab events have been behind us for a while, but the data isn’t public, despite all the debate about transparency in the Cabinet. Of course there is now uncertainty about the Delta variant, but according to Nesters, there have been festivals abroad with many participants, which have passed without much problem.

Dancing with Jansen

MoJO and KNVB point out that chaos arose after the opening of catering night with the politics of Dance With Jansen and that the event sector as a whole is now being penalized for this. In addition, Formula 1 can continue again. “Measure with two standards,” says Nesters.

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