The Entrepreneur Lives Across Borders: Take Your Company to…

The Entrepreneur Lives Across Borders: Take Your Company to…


grow abroad? A quarter of companies don’t know where to start. Are you thinking of doing it now? The current economic situation slows down 30 percent. What problems does BV Nederland face when wanting to do business abroad? Entrepreneurs, researchers and other experts talk about it in a special broadcast of De Ondernemer Live.

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May 8, 2023

Do you want to do business abroad or not? Financial services provider Mollie recently conducted research on this matter, questioning more than 400 decision makers and managers in finance, marketing, sales or general management. They have compiled their answers and advice from the experts in The Border Crossing Guide. Raymond Lanchovel, Head of Business Development Netherlands at Mollie, will tell you all about it as co-host of Ondernemer Live.

Expanding abroad can be an exciting move, especially in turbulent economic times. However, it is important to innovate especially in times like these and to know where the growth potential is. ” very important. “

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Cheers Team 5pm: Active at 26 members in five years

Gilmer Wind is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs abroad. In 2018, Tom Shoffs, Ronen Wolfe and Peter Minkjan traded in the corridors of RTL with a small office without windows and a big dream: to become the number one YouTube agency in the Netherlands. Frank de Witt soon joined the club as co-founder and general manager of the in-house studio, among others. This week Team5pm celebrates its 5th anniversary As a full service video agency. Gilmer and his company are now active in 26 countries and have three offices: in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Cape Town.

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In De Ondernemer Live, Jelmer Wind tells the success story of Team5pm and takes viewers and listeners on this broadcast to his experience about doing business abroad (12.15pm).

Molly’s Guide Across Borders

Search results include:

  • 24 percent of organizations believe they cannot afford (further) expansion across borders
  • And a third of companies say the current economic situation is effectively preventing them from making the move abroad
  • 55 percent of organizations would only want to expand abroad if they could open an office there.
  • If one crosses the border, it is best to go to Germany.

Molly has interviewed more than 400 decision makers and managers in finance, marketing, sales, or general management.

Van Mossel begins his European ambitions with an acquisition in Germany

Van Mossel Automotive Group on Monday announced its first major move outside the Benelux region with the acquisition of Autohandelsgruppe Hugo Pfohe. This is one of the largest dealer groups in North Germany and Hamburg region, with a turnover of 300 million and 700 employees. “This fits perfectly with our European growth strategy,” says Eric Berkhof of Van Mossel Automotive Group.

CEO Eric Berkoff tells more about this acquisition and the moves in Germany on De Ondernemer Live (11.10am).

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Entrepreneurship opportunities in Germany and the UK

About the opportunities for Dutch companies in Germany, but also about the cultural differences in doing business, we also call “our man in Berlin”, journalist Guy Hooks ((11.45 am). He follows the economy in Germany for various media and has a lot of contact with entrepreneurs Dutch.

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W: We also call “our man in London”, Leonard van Otterloo (12.45pm). He is an entrepreneur, has lived in London since 2006 and is the co-founder of the De Ruyter Network (for Dutch people in the creative, media or start-up sector in London). Lennard has been writing expert blogs on Brexit from De Ondernemer’s London Perspective for more than two years: How exciting (or uninteresting) is the UK today for Dutch entrepreneurs?

Top 5 countries to do business in

Molly’s Guide Across Borders

  1. Germany 20%
  2. Belgium – 16 percent
  3. United States – 10 percent
  4. China – 5 percent
  5. United Kingdom – 4 percent

Molly has interviewed more than 400 decision makers and managers in finance, marketing, sales, or general management.

International Business: Chamber of Commerce is recommended

What about VAT and import duties? What are the HS Codes? What insurance policies should I consider? It’s daily fare for the ICC team, whose advisor Jacob van der Vees is a guest on De Ondernemer Live (11.20am). Jacob takes us along with recent developments and practical examples of companies that have taken a step across borders or thought they would.

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You can listen to De Ondernemer Live on New Business Radio and watch it on De Ondernemer’s homepage and YouTube from 11am-1pm. You can watch past broadcasts, among other things Review via this link. The show is presented in alternating hands by Remy Gelling, Jonathan Van Noord and Roland Tamling.

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