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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition / Reviews

Uh, ancient manuscripts. How many of us were hoping to play Part VII now. At worst, we were working on the second version of Sheikh Scrolls 6. No, against all odds, Bethesda has been busy with a reissue. For ten years now Skyrim. bad? I don’t even mind, it remains a legendary game that holds me for dozens of hours at a time.

Likewise with Anniversary EditionIt was released to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary. It comes with all DLC and, for the first time, all Creative Club content. The content includes simple cosmetics, but also for example new missions, functional armor, weapons and more. There are also more substantial elements, such as a survival mode, fishing, and completely newly designed creations. It’s the first time I’ve been able to get started with Creative Club content, which of course gave me enough motivation to explore the world of Skyrim to walk around again.

However, the creations don’t change the game significantly. it still Skyrim And nothing has changed in essence, for better and worse. The game is still, at least for me, so brilliantly beautiful that I can get lost and try new things every time. Even after ten years. Of course, some of the elements, especially in terms of gameplay and graphics, are outdated, but I don’t want anything else. My wish is that Bethesda would have taken the trouble to fix the bugs, even if it’s just bugs or bugs blocking the progress of the tasks. That Bethesda still doesn’t do this, three or four later releases, is somewhat embarrassing.

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Skyrim 2 Anniversary Edition

Somehow it seems strange to review the game. Ten years old, the new content is mostly pre-existing content, and the game plays the same. What the hell can you say about him Skyrim What hasn’t been said already? Well nothing. I’m sure everyone knows what’s going on Skyrim can be expected. Epic adventure, great variety, bugs, underground game that still in my opinion belongs to the absolute top, bugs, lots of FUS RO DAH and other famous catchphrases and much more. Whether you build a home again, opt for Imperial or Stormcloak, whether or not you go to the College of Winterhold, the choice is always yours.

The last few times I played Skyrim Also with mods, which fortunately also work with Anniversary Edition. Whether that’s the case on PC, I don’t know, but the mods I use on Xbox still work. Unofficial Skyrim Patch, which fixes a lot of bugs, is of course an easy one to use. But also mods that let you choose a starting point, fine-tune the graphics, introduce quality of life features (I’m not ashamed to use a mod that lets me carry an infinite amount of junk without being too heavy…) and whatever. you want. It’s an easy way to get more Skyrim to get.

No, the Anniversary Edition It’s not a huge fix that everyone should do. For me, it’s an essential excuse to go back to the world I’ve been in regularly for ten years, and again with new things to discover. Is the game necessary? new. Is it a nice package to dive into? absolute. friends special edition Can switch to the new version at a discount, so if you think about it, I can recommend it.

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