The Dutch buy more in foreign web stores

The Dutch buy more in foreign web stores

Huge increase in Dutch spending in foreign online stores: 32% in one year, according to new research from Statistics Netherlands. Due to the Corona crisis, online sales have risen sharply. “Employee turnover has exploded,” says Wijnand Jongen, Director of

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According to Jongen, web purchases have been increasing for years, but there is definitely a “tremendous acceleration”. However, many online stores had to adapt: ​​their transportation and distribution had to be organized differently and more securely. Turnover has exploded, but margins are more difficult to define, which varies widely from class to class. In electronics, there are always narrow margins, but in garden furniture, for example, the margins can be wider.

Jongen notes that foreign parties are doing their best to provide better service to Dutch consumers, for example by opening distribution centers near the border. The number of parcels coming from China keeps increasing, but these are low quality and clay parcels. Many are also bought in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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