The Dutch are less fit due to the lockdown

The Dutch are less fit due to the lockdown

We’re all less fit, and we have it because of the lockdown. Sports umbrella NOC * NSF He sees the Dutch as less fit. This is not surprising, when gyms are closed. New research shows 4.5 million Dutch say they exercise less when their gym closes.

This mainly concerns children up to 12 years of age (49 percent) and young adults up to age 30 (38 percent).

There is no motivation to sport

Almost a quarter of Dutch people in the poll say it is difficult to find motivation to exercise. Exercising alone isn’t our favorite activity either. These figures come from the February 2021 “Sports Behavior and Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic” study. The study was conducted by Kantar Research Agency on behalf of NOC * NSF.

Earlier this week, 31 domestic sports federations and government interest groups called for the swift reopening of gyms and gyms. NOC * NSF supported the call. But no luck yet: the gyms remain closed. Next Tuesday, Roti and De Jong will hold another press conference, but we shouldn’t expect any relaxation.

In an urgent letter to the cabinet, the sports federations presented disturbing figures regarding the practice of sport, especially among children. Of the 6 million people who were still actively participating in their sport in January 2020, only a third was left by January 2021, according to the union report.

The negative impact of closure on physical and mental health

According to the research, the Corona crisis has a significant negative impact on the physical and mental state of the Dutch. Especially for a group of Dutch who start exercising less or have stopped exercising altogether. More than half of this group say they feel less fit while in lockdown. And among young people (from 19 to 30 years old) it is 61%.

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And that’s not all: One in four Dutch people who start exercising less (or stop) also start eating a lot of unhealthy foods. Even a double negative effect.

“These numbers show that the mental and physical resilience of the Dutch are not doing well,” says Gerard Delsen, general manager of NOC * NSF. “We need our sports clubs to continue. The ability to exercise together at specific times, under the supervision of a coach; for many Dutch, these are very important factors in motivating them to keep moving. So it is vitally important that indoor athletes can return quickly.” To their club. This definitely applies to the younger age groups. We see that they suffer more from the Corona crisis, mentally and physically. Sport offers the solution to get out of the crisis in a healthy way. “

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The Dutch are less fit due to the lockdown

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