The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended 1.5 percent higher

morning !! Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell thinks the exposure of US banks to the stumbling block of the Chinese bank Evergrande is small and fearless of contagion. The central bank will decide in November on a possible cut in monetary incentives.

It is difficult to start tapping after the next meeting on November 3rd.

Jerome Powell

Chairman American Federal Reserve

It drives the stock markets. Yesterday, the indicators on Wall Street were already unanimously closed more than 1 percent. Stock markets on the European continent

According to futures, it will open 0.4 percent higher.

Asian stock markets are also looking forward to it. China’s CSI 300 and Hong Kong’s Hong Kong rose 0.7 percent. Investors believe Evergrande can pay $ 83.5 million today. The company claims to have made the payment arrangement, but investors have not said how much and will not know whether the company will return the money to foreign securities.

Fellow boss Van der Haut warned yesterday His vlog Concerns about Evergrande will be there for a while. “If Evergrande can pay on Thursday, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday because it will come with another $ 47.5 million.”

O Bloomberg
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