The digital second concept is catching on in the United States

The digital second concept is catching on in the United States

Digital healthcare can contribute in many ways to keeping healthcare affordable and accessible. Low cost and practical examples: remote monitoring, digital consultation time, utility application and online questionnaires. But now the study Cleveland The second idea is that the hospital can be effectively digitalized.

Background Digitization Cleveland

The digital, virtual solution for the second concept was launched in the fall of 2020 as a joint venture between the Cleveland Clinic and the telehealth company Amwell. The program has expanded globally in conjunction with the Health Program in China and has launched a special program targeting cancer.

This is how the digital second concept works

Patients register at the hospital online for a virtual visit with the case manager. He or she collects and then reviews the medical records of the medical professional at the Cleveland Clinic. In theory, patients outside the United States could also register for such a digital second opinion. This new form of digital care must be paid for by the patient. Occasionally, however, this is reimbursed by health insurers, especially if there is a premium insurance policy.

Preventing misdiagnosis

Research indicates that there is a change in the diagnosis in 28% of the cases studied. In about 72%, a change of maintenance path is advised. Usually, this saves money, but occasionally doctors recommend more expensive alternatives. Anyway, preventing misdiagnosis ultimately saves a lot of money, in this case $ 65 million a year.

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