The current version of Grand Theft Auto 5 includes three graphics modes |  News

The current version of Grand Theft Auto 5 includes three graphics modes | News

The game will be released on March 15th on PS5, Xbox Series X, and S.

written by Michele Mosters

This year’s upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 5 will have three graphics modes.

any announced by Rockstar† First of all, there is the Fidelity mode. Graphically, this is the best option, with native 4K resolution and ray tracing on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and upgrading to 4k on Xbox Series S. However, the game will run at 30 frames per second.

Then there’s Performance Mode, where the game runs at 60fps and upscaled to 4K on PS5 and Xbox Series X. In the S Series, the game runs at 30fps and 1080p. Finally, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have Performance RT mode, a kind of mid-range with 4k upscaling, 60fps, and ray tracing.

Furthermore, the current public release includes improvements such as faster load times, more people and street traffic, more plants, improved water reflections and more. In the PS5, haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli are used. There is also 3D sound on PS5 and Spatial Sound on Xbox Series.

Logically, the game also comes with a new version of GTA Online, which – as previously announced – can be played absolutely free with PlayStation Plus for three months from launch. On new consoles, the intro to GTA Online can be skipped and there’s a new tutorial.

People who want to transfer their single-player progress to GTA 5 can do so now via the Rockstar Games Social Club. To transfer progress in GTA Online, players will soon just have to start the new version to transfer everything. This can only be done once and cannot be undone.

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The current public release will be released digitally on March 15, and physical in April. Rockstar hasn’t provided any pricing details yet.

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