The Council of Europe wants Greece to stop returning migrants to the sea

The Council of Europe wants Greece to stop returning migrants to the sea

The Council of Europe urged Greece to stop doing so-called bodiceThe illegal return of migrants to the sea. Athens has always refused the return of migrants arriving by boat from Turkey. The Council of Europe, which includes 50 countries, works to promote unity within Europe and respect for human rights.

In a letter to the Greek Council of Ministers, the Council’s Commissioner for Human Rights expressed her “deep concern”. Dunia Mijatovi wrote that since 2017 there have been “many credible allegations” of asylum seekers who returned illegally to Turkey. I left at sea.

In the letter, which was sent on 3 May but was not made public until today, Mijatovi urged “to end these practices and to ensure that independent and effective investigations are carried out.”

Baseless accusations

from bodice Violating international law, and aid organizations have been demonstrating against it for years. The Greek government denies any ties to it Refugees return To the high seas.

The Greek ministers of asylum, immigration, maritime affairs and civil defense have now described these allegations as unfounded. Their response to the letter was that “the measures taken by the Greek authorities at our maritime borders are being implemented in full compliance with international obligations.”

They say that Greece “has saved thousands of people since the refugee crisis erupted in 2015 and continues to do so in the Aegean Sea”.

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