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The cost of self-criticism leaves for America, advises Feyenoord: ‘More transparency towards supporters can remove negative feelings’

“I’ll miss this,” said Ric Coast, gazing at the perfect stadium from the De Kuip stands. “I’ve visited a lot of stadiums. Boca Juniors, it’s really impressive. But the atmosphere here is also unique. I won’t see that anymore.” We spoke to Coast about his upcoming adventure in America a couple of months ago, but since his visa was not expired for a long time, he asked to wait a while before publishing the interview. In the end until one day the final, which FC Utrecht won.

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His successor in De Kuip will be Robin Peters who came from Racing Genk in Belgium. There, the 29-year-old Peters worked as a physical trainer.

The most beautiful thing on earth

Rick Coast in his office in The Hague when he received a letter in November that NFL – NFL – High performance manager Searches. Be it a thing for him. Multiple times the cost indicated that he wanted to work in America one day.

More than six months ago, he said in a previous interview with: “This is the most beautiful thing on earth in the field of data. In the NBA, for example, things happen that we can only dream about.” Regnmond.

US Soccer coach Earnest Stewart asks if Cost can submit his resume. no answer. Until the first interview in December, because the Vigil-born American finds all candidates from the United States unsuitable to fill the vacancy.

The American Dream

Then it goes quickly. Coast and NFL are getting enthusiastic. In February, the head of Feyenoord’s performance department signed an indefinite contract. Just like in Rotterdam, he will be responsible for everything related to exercise and medical matters which also fall under the supervision of the 40-year-old citizen of The Hague.

After about three months, people are still waiting for a visa, but other than that nothing stands in the way of Aziza Coast for long. The American Dream To achieve. This summer he is moving to Chicago, probably with his wife and three children, ages eight, six and four.

“When you talk about professionalism and sporting experience, America is the ultimate,” says Coast, which has been tasked with creating a single line of performance for the men’s and women’s national teams.

“ The way American football deals with performance and data really appeals to me football It’s still really a staging sport out there. There are a lot of opportunities. We’ve also had many great conversations about how football should become the premier sport in America. And America is really the promised land in terms of data analysis. See how they deal with that, for example, NBA and NFL. This sentiment also played a small role. “

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Right from the attorney

Thus it was proved that Dick Advocaat was right. In our previous story on Cost, the Feyenoord coach had already predicted that the head performance would be leaving overseas for the foreseeable future. “This boy will be a manager in England,” praised the coach. In fact, the Premier League clubs were also interested, but it would be America. He is no longer in the field, but more than the office.

A conscious choice, because after twenty years in handball, hockey or soccer, Coast is ready for the next step. “It would be more office work. Spreading others and practically directing them. Although I don’t rule out the possibility that my feet may be in mud at times.”

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While the men’s and women’s national hockey teams prepare for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Coast applied for a job at Feyenoord five years ago. With his arrival, young people in Farkynord often began working according to modern strategies, with more attention to data. The exercises are designed according to the ability of the players.

The cost was also responsible for first-team fitness for a year and a half. Things went well for a long time, until last October. Feyenoord had to deal with a massive wave of injuries. Justin Bello, Leroy Veer, Nikolai Jorgensen, Robert Boznick, and Eric Buttigin were injured in a short period of time. Orcon Cocjo and Joao Teixeira followed in December.

Lying awake from injuries

Coast recalls: “I’ve never experienced this before. Lots of injured players in such a short time.” “Because of those three weeks, it looks as though we’ve only had injuries all season. Not the case of course. But it just stayed awake. Until three o’clock at night, I analyzed what we should have done differently. And we knew some men would be more vulnerable to injury. “.

The cost doesn’t want to go deep into singles, but players like Fer, Jorgensen, Bijlow, Van Beek, Teixeira and Conteh already had a rich medical profile ahead of this season. However, he does not want to hide behind it.

Analyzes were carried out until 3 am

Cost was awakening from the injury wave

“Ultimately, you can do something about it all. We had a muscle injury, which I then thought the training week was not balanced. We should have taken a better account of the volumes we were running. But in all those double weeks with many From competitions. Actually we have not had any injuries. And we definitely do not have muscle injuries. The question is whether you can stop everything that happens? I don’t think so. But you can be sharp at everything. I think in those three weeks it will be more severe between Now and then. “

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Feyenoord also measures how well players sleep. Lack of sleep leads to a slower reaction speed and thus increased risk of infection. A good night’s sleep is not intuitive for every Feyenoord player. The cost: “We ask for a choice in terms of their sleep quality and we regularly see that boys have difficulty sleeping. This can have different reasons: major sports, stress, a lot of travel and private affairs can have an effect. Without going into specific names … We really doubt.” This resulted in casualties. “

Negative emotions

Despite injuries, Feyenoord did not lose the competition until December 20. Although the game is not always easy and results in the European League are disappointing, Coast also lists a number of positive points. Strength training program and mutual cooperation with medical staff and air in that period, for example.

The cost: “But what I often encounter is the negative emotion haunting this club. Sometimes I thought about sitting with two or three fans and asking them what they wanted to hear from us. Do we give so little information? It’s also an idea to present a weekly news report on certain issues.” Think of how the boys come from international periods, or how the children do in their rehabilitation.

“For example, this documentary was produced about Luis Cinestra. I saw in it how crazy Iger and Steen Vandenbroek work for him. You don’t see it in other clubs. To return to this negative feeling: Maybe they are” expecting too much and giving too little. ” Maybe it was not in equilibrium and we have to get close to the supporters. “

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By being more transparent, Coast hopes for more understanding from supporters. According to him, there were no more injuries at Feyenoord during the whole season than at other clubs. “It’s just wider, because Feyenoord is a giant club. That makes it good as well. We were in AZ and when you come up here a week later you can see the teams. AZ is a great club, but it’s smaller. In the physical sense, but also in terms of the participation of supporters.”

#it ​​costs

The cost saw this post also have a downside during the wave of infections in October. On Twitter and backers’ websites, he regularly reads #CostOut and through his social media has received numerous insults containing the most varied ailments. An unimaginable situation in the world of hockey, for example.

“It’s painful at times,” the cost responds openly. “I am drawn to myself. Aside from the fact that people write things like this, you also attract them when the results are disappointing. And anyone who knows me knows that I am very critical of my work. You don’t have an impact everywhere. But with every mistake I try to fix it immediately. To make sure it doesn’t happen again. It hit me. “

Sometimes it hurts

The cost responds to the insults he has received on social media

Feyenoord stuck out

While Cost offers to carry the camera mount from the stadium after the interview, he says you only test how massive the Feyenoord is when you work there. “Everyone around me is very sympathetic. Also the staff at the supermarket, for example. Every week he asks me how things are going in Feyenoord. Really, this club is so big. Feyenoord has brought me a lot. They have their necks. Putting a player from other sports in soccer. This is not self-evident … certainly not in the Netherlands but abroad … there is a lot in the Premier League. Physical trainers From rugby. More and more people with an educational background are diving into football. I am grateful to Feyenoord because they are one of the first clubs in the Netherlands that dared. “

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