The controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been filled with gas

The controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been filled with gas

Photo: ANP

The controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline is being filled with natural gas for the first time. According to the operator of the pipeline, it must be filled for the first time before the start of gas transportation between Russia and Germany. It is not yet known when the tube will actually start operating.

A procedure is currently underway with the German regulator regarding a permit for the pipeline. Until this procedure is completed, natural gas transmission may not yet begin. It was previously announced that the Bundesnetzagentur still has until January to approve the permit application.

Nord Stream 2 actually wanted to partially start using the pipeline in October. In December, the two pipelines will be able to transport gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic and Baltic Seas. Europe is currently experiencing a major gas shortage due to the long winter. As a result, gas storage became relatively empty and gas prices rose rapidly.

The gas pipeline between Russia and Germany is controversial. Critics believe that this will not only give Russia more power over Europe, but also put countries like Ukraine and Poland under pressure. Existing gas pipelines pass through those countries and receive compensation for the gas transported. The US in particular is a big opponent of Nord Stream 2. This can still cause problems because the company operating the pipeline must also have a technical check and insurance. However, companies that cooperate with Nord Stream 2 may face US sanctions.

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