The case of those affected by the allowance: 'We discussed everything with the King' |  interior

The case of those affected by the allowance: ‘We discussed everything with the King’ | interior

After the throne speech, in which the king spoke briefly about the issue of the allowance, the women sent an open letter to the king. At that they requested a meeting with him. Therefore, the letter was the direct reason for the conversation on Wednesday afternoon at the Noureddine Palace. They said the women might come back later for a follow-up interview.

According to the women, the king had seen the film twice and inquired about certain details. “We have discussed everything.” He also asked the king about everything and wrote it down according to the women.

At Met het Oog op Morgen, the parents were audibly helpful. Presenter Rob Tripp asked what he thought stuck most in the documentary: humiliation. “It’s still every day. When you have to tell your story again. The burden of proof is still on you,” one says.

straight to the point

The king had earlier announced via social media that he believed that women should be helped as soon as possible so that they could make a fresh start. “Parents who were duped into the benefit case told me their story this afternoon. Straight from the heart and straightforward. Their perseverance is remarkable,” says King.

“It is important that all those affected are treated with empathy and that those who are entitled to a financial recovery are helped as quickly as possible, so that these Dutch people can make a fresh start.”


Director Stijn left Puma for his movie Alone against the state Five mothers of victims of the subsidy scandal speak out. For the first time, the victims told their story extensively in front of the camera and explained the impact of this relationship on their lives.

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Many TV viewers and critics commented that it would be nice if all politicians watched the film. The documentary was also discussed during Public Reflections. Mark Rutte’s government had to resign for nine months because it had to resign over the case. Despite cabinet promises, most parents have yet to be compensated or helped.

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