“The care reward is total disregard for the nurses.”

“The care reward is absolute disdain for ANP for nurses.”

Michelle Van Erb of the NU’91 Medical Union responded that a bonus of between 200 and 240 euros for care workers in the outgoing government is “total disdain for the nurses and caregivers” the unionist asks: “How can the cabinet speak of appreciation for this profession, if you It initially assumed the possibility of 500 euros, but now suddenly it is more than half. ”

Van Erb also wonders how the cabinet can be credible for healthcare workers. “There is an enormous demand for these people. To this day, they are very busy in hospitals, and people are working far more than they should be working. They all do, and continue to care for in the Netherlands. People are disappointed and angry with this advice they are getting now”, As Van Erb says.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet announced the reward for all health care workers. Last month, the Cabinet introduced two bonus options. Or, just like last year, a bonus for all employees or just a bonus for healthcare workers who work a lot with coronavirus. They will then receive a net reward of € 500.

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