The British are creating an indoor water park worth no less than 0 million

The British are creating an indoor water park worth no less than $250 million

With such tropical temperatures in the Netherlands, there is always a need for some cooling. Of course we prefer to do it in the water park, regardless of our age. That’s how they felt in the UK, where a huge water park worth at least £250 million is to be built in Manchester.

United kingdom

But we all know that the weather in the UK can change at any time. Partly for this reason, it’s not really convenient to have water parks outside, but why not one indoors? At Therme they thought this was a good idea and started developing the idea. Although there are a number of indoor water parks around the country, this is not your favorite. But that’s about to change. In fact, planning work has already begun at Therme Manchester, which is located right next to the Trafford Center on the Event City site. Although there are other water parks in the UK, Therme Manchester will be the first and only water park, resort and spa. The goal is to have all the work done by 2025. So they’re not of use to us yet, but with global warming, we may be able to use them better by then.

Water park concept

The concept images give us a good indication of what to expect. Newly released CGI images show how expanded the resort has become, with a modern design of the suites with undulating glass domes and plenty of shrubs and greenery – making you think you’re in the Maldives. The water park will have 25 pools and 30 water slides, and new plans indicate there will also be some outdoor water slides launched outside the building. While thermal pools, spas and swim-up bars were announced in the original plans, recent updates have revealed an English meadow-inspired health garden in the works. A multi-storey car park has also been attached, making it easier for visitors arriving to the resort by car to access it.

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Stelian Iacob, senior vice president of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK, said he hoped Therme Manchester would be a “catalyst for a wave of local urban development” that would “deliver new homes and jobs and create opportunities for the wider environment”. .

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