The Brazilian president does not fulfill his promises and cuts a quarter of it on the climate |  right Now

The Brazilian president does not fulfill his promises and cuts a quarter of it on the climate | right Now

On Friday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed a 24 percent cut in this year’s climate budget. On Thursday, Bolsonaro promised more money to fight deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

Bolsonaro presented this commitment at a summit organized by US President Joe Biden. Brazil’s right-wing populist president has said he will double the budget for climate law enforcement and that illegal deforestation in his country must end by 2030. The US government has welcomed the promises, which marked a major change in Bolsonaro’s rhetoric.

Barely 24 hours later, Bolsonaro signed the Brazilian government’s 2021 budget, with a budget of 2 billion reais (about 302 million euros) for the Environment Ministry and its agencies. In 2020 that budget was 2.6 billion riyals (about 392 million euros). However, throughout the year it may be decided to go outside the budget and possibly spend more money.

Bolsonaro vetoed about 1.3 billion riyals (198 million euros) in environmental and climate measures. Questions on this matter have been referred to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Brazilian government has not answered questions about Bolsonaro’s pledge to provide more money to enforce environmental laws.

For Member of Parliament Rodriga Agostino, the leader of a group of lawmakers fighting against climate change, Bolsonaro must put his money in place. “The signal from Thursday’s speech is not enough,” Agostino said. “The Brazilian government must do its part.”

Deforestation and wildfires are increasing under Bolsonaro

Brazil had already pledged to end illegal deforestation by 2030 by signing the Paris climate agreement in 2015. However, whether the country can fulfill this promise was seriously questioned after Bolsonaro took office in January 2019. It is not without reason. An advocate of mining and agricultural exploitation in nature reserves and indigenous areas.

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During Bolsonaro’s tenure, only deforestation and the number of wildfires increased in the Amazon. Satellite data shows that between August 2019 and July 2020, deforestation increased 9.5 percent from the previous 12 months, with deforestation the size of Jamaica. In 2019 he mentioned those pictures Falsehoods.

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