The Borneo College Lego team leaves for Houston on Tuesday

The Borneo College Lego team leaves for Houston on Tuesday

12 students between the ages of 12 and 15 make up the REBorn team. It stands for Robot Education Borneco. They have been working on the First Lego League throughout the school year. They created the robot themselves and it had to execute commands.

“We have to program the Lego robot so it can perform tasks,” Jose explains. “You get a certain number of points for a task. The more points you have at the end of the competition, the better you did. The theme is energy, so here you see a hydroelectric plant, a wind farm and an oil platform.” And everything is made of Lego.

In January, they won the regional finals in Leverton with teams from elementary and secondary education. In March they reached the national finals where they qualified for the World Championships in Houston, Texas. Competition is great. 450 teams from 52 countries come to Houston.

More than 100 teams participate in the LEGO construction division. The tournament is held over four days. “There are different competitions,” explains supervisor Jantje Postma. “The robot competitions take place on the table. In addition, we have a presentation of our innovation project. And we are judged on all the materials and our teamwork.”

This year they had to come up with a sustainable solution to a problem with the theme ‘Super Powered’. As an innovative project, the REBorn team came up with the idea of ​​creating an energy-generating mattress.
“We put chips in the mattress,” says Marit. “When you sleep, more body heat is generated. This is converted into energy on the chip so that the heat you generate during the night is not lost. So you can get rich while you sleep.”

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