The book Bitcoin for Policymakers is heavily funded on Kickstarter

The book Bitcoin for Policymakers is heavily funded on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign was launched by a group of 8 Bitcoin activists with the goal of publishing an educational book for US federal policymakers. This undermines their reliance on traditional media descriptions of cryptos.

Kickstarter likes the campaign

From Kickstarter campaign Worked well though. The Bitcoin education book was able to attract more than $ 23,000. This is almost five times the target of $ 5,000.

However, the book did not come out anywhere. In the US, the House of Representatives has passed a $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. Among other things, this new law requires strict reporting requirements for the crypto community. The authors of the book say the following:

“We would like to write a book to help policymakers understand where Bitcoin (BTC) users are coming from and what they are concerned about. We want to dispel this notion of ‘nerd money’ and show how it affects many in the United States.

The book is coming out this year

According to the project schedule, the manuscript of the book is ready and is now finalized for publication in this calendar year. By January 2022 the authors want both the audiobook and the paper version to be available for sale.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell supported Bitcoin’s book’s attempt to regulate the environment and point to indifference to crypto, which is destabilizing the country’s financial stability.

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