The body of a 20-year-old drowned in the Saramaka River was recovered

Today the body of 20-year-old Chayet Ngossoiparto, who disappeared in the depths of the Saramka River in Groningen on Sunday, has been found.

At around 11 am that day, the Groningen police received a report that a man had gone missing in the depths of the Saramaka River near the Misgunstweg on the waterfront.

Lawmen visited the place and investigated it. This showed that the victim and his friend were sitting on their bikes along the waterfront. At some point, Shay decided to go into the water for a swim. The current carried him away, and in the middle of the river the young man disappeared into the depths.

The friend raised the alarm, after which the Surinamese police and the family launched a (photo) search without the desired result. His body was finally recovered today.

Saramaka District Commissioner, Ms. Shireen Bansi Durga expresses her condolences to the entire family for their loss and wishes them lots of strength in these dark days.

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