The blonde director on a critically panned film: “People want to see Marilyn strong or they’ll get angry”

Andrew Dominic believes that people who shoot movies BlondeAbout actress Marilyn Monroe, he shouldn’t complain. The Netflix movie starring Ana de Armas has received a lot of criticism since its release in September, especially in the United States, because the movie would have given viewers a different image of the famous actress.

“They hate the movie,” the Australian director told The Hollywood Reporter to the American audience. “Now we live in a time when it’s important to portray women as strong and they wanted to reinvent Marilyn Monroe as a strong woman. That’s what they wanted to see. If you don’t show it, they’re mad about it,” says the director.

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Dominic calls it “strange” that people would expect a different version of Monroe. ‘She is dead.’ The movie doesn’t change that at all. What matters to them is that the film destroys their memory and their image of it. I understand that, but that’s the whole idea of ​​the movie,” says Dominic. He tries to misrepresent well-known things and bring out their meaning. But these are things people don’t want to see.

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