Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken in Suriname

The BIBIS Helpdesk has been set up to provide consular assistance

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation of Suriname (BIBIS) established the BIBIS Helpdesk on Monday 4th October. this is for To provide consular assistance to Surinamese in Suriname and abroad.

The help desk aims to improve the services provided to the community, especially when it comes to providing information about consular services. It has become clear that there is an urgent need for information and assistance and therefore the Ministry has decided to set up the Help Desk to support the Consular Affairs Section.

Services include assistance for Surinamese in need, civil affairs, services for non-Surnameans, travelers, and situations related to family reunification and immigration again. Although the focus at the moment is on consular services, the community can also contact the Help Desk for other information related to the Ministry.

The help desk can be reached via phone number: 477030 #317, mobile number: (+597) 8966233, or email: [email protected] The BIBIS help desk is active Monday through Friday between 07:00 and 15: 00: 00 hours.

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