The best sports school for young beginners starts in Zwolle - Weblog Zwolle

The best sports school for young beginners starts in Zwolle – Weblog Zwolle

Zwolle – The first Dutch sports school with a talented program for young beginners. This is the start of the Center for Sport and Education (CSE) in Zwolle. From the 2022-2023 academic year, they can pursue training at CSE and develop professionally in their sport.

Paddle is a racket sport that came from South America and is growing rapidly in the Netherlands. About 75,000 Dutch people commute regularly on the roads. The KNLTB sports association expects that number to double in the next two years. “Padel is a sport with potential,” says Angie Bogerd, Team Top Sport captain at CSE. “More and more children and young people are playing the paddy. That is why we have developed a new programme.”

The initiators are Edgar van Pirlo of the Ons Project and paddle coach Jan Simling. “We want to introduce young children in the north-east of the Netherlands to training through school projects. The collaboration with CSE fits well with that.”

Talent program is suitable for motivated and ambitious youth who are in group 7 or 8 of primary or secondary schools. They start their day with training at the Badel Stadium. Then they go to the modern school building in Zwolle to take lessons such as math, Dutch and history. They also receive sports support, where they learn about other sports and learn all about nutrition, lifestyle and mental well-being. After school they train in their own union.

CSE works hand in hand with the largest Padel site in the Netherlands: the courses take place on the indoor and outdoor pitches of the Peakz Padel at IJss Hallen in Zwolle. “We are also in talks with the sports federation KNLTB, which has included Padel since 2020,” says Anje. “Our program is a great way for KNLTB to grow sport in the Netherlands. Together we are committed to developing young talent.”

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On Saturday 12 March from 3pm to 5pm, CSE organizes a preparatory training during NK Padel at Peakz Padel in Zwolle. There will then be a media evening at CSE on Wednesday, March 23rd.

“From that moment on, interested players between the ages of 11 and 15 can register for selection training on Thursday, March 31,” Anje says. “Based on this training, we determine who qualifies for the talent programme. Hopefully after the summer we will be able to start with a group of at least eight vendors.”

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