The B&B is full of love: "Why don't they fight over this?!"  |  Columns and view

The B&B is full of love: “Why don’t they fight over this?!” | Columns and view

The new reality series has been gossiping on RTL 4 for over two weeks now b & with love forth. Initially, the embarrassment and embarrassment of the participants was the main reason the program took to Twitter. But now we’re past ten episodes and let’s be honest: there’s actually no hit yet. If no guest jumps on the bed and breakfast owners, then let it at least involve ardent jealousy or a drunken quarrel. With the cameras rotated then please.

nervous nico

In the teasers, we prepare for a healthy dose of drama. Is it in the end..? It turns out it’s not that bad. Even the nervous Nico doesn’t shed a tear when he continues Caroline He is kicked in the head with a refusal. Aren’t you again at ease with that guy who’s now suddenly with his mouth full of teeth?

Where is the whole structure – are there moments of appointment and choice?! – Missing from the show, Austrian bed and breakfast owner Caroline sends Nico all home on her own initiative. While Caroline cleans the kitchen again out of annoyance, Nico hugs the other two men goodbye. Why don’t competitors fight with each other? Why aren’t they happy with dropping out?

b and a half full of love?

In the meantime, the word “full” in the program title can easily be replaced by “half full”. with growers A farmer looking for a wife A typical guest’s week lasts a shorter period and a wooden arm is placed around the person’s long shoulders.

When it comes to love, Vincent is way ahead of the rest in Italy. Although we can’t say that about the progress that B&B has made. They stay behind. Between him and Monique, early feelings seem to resurface. The new blonde Marcella does not like Vincent’s hobby of cycling. In any case, the athletic Monique has already won this race.

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Planet Burt

Something seems to be slowly blossoming with Bert and Romana, too. Although Burt thinks women show too little of themselves, and Romana claims Burt’s bed is only comfy (why then Romana’s radiant face?!), temperatures in the sauna are skyrocketing. Do we see the fire between Romana and Bert there? The one who shows more of himself is probably Ysolde, the “emotional one”. But just let them pack their bags.

Although Ysolde finally getting into the car was a big hit, Bert gave it another boost with the phrase “You’re far from mature for a relationship. But thanks for the gardening.” It also seems that Annemarie is not a competitor to pub tigerrr Rrromana, because Bert doesn’t like lipstick. In this way you can recognize Annemarie at a distance of about a kilometer with thick fog.

Not kissing, but housework

It might be best for men in southern Italy to pack all their bags. When Melvin asks Debbie for the third time if she wants to go on a date with him, she has to “think about it” again. Then it turned out that she chose Pascal as the “lucky one”. As long as Melvin doesn’t think he can have a good time with PlayStation in the meantime. No, the clothesline has to be fixed and the stern in front of the door still has to be vacuumed. Melvin, just go on vacation! After all, “school teacher” Debbie herself refuses to get her hands dirty. She’s either sitting in front of her laptop – busy, busy, busy, how many emails can anyone send?! Or, she holds her black handbag luxuriously around her arm. Yes, such a bed and breakfast is hard work. Especially if you have to do everything on your own. According to Debbie.

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diving suit

Fast forward to Portugal where the ladies wear less glamorous clothes. There, Jenny wears a diving suit including goggles for her date with B&B owner Jacob, because the fish have to be fed. This is, of course, also a means of seduction. It is original though. Next time, a jumpsuit with sleeves might be a better option, because Jacob won’t see her tattoos anymore. (Did he really say that he thinks it’s body mutilation while she’s sitting across from him?) He might have had a better date with Anita; on an exercise bike. After all, they are still in quarantine. The 61-year-old fitness expert has been single for 28 years, leading Jacob to suspect she’s also dried out for 28 years. Unfairly, it turns out. Fortunately, bachelor Jacob has nothing to complain about either, he gives his love life a “ten”. In other words, ten.

Four ladies control the entire house. The beds should be painted matte black and the walls white. Jacob does not dare to say “no” to this suggestion and begins to cheer, because otherwise he will be seen again as the man who listens only to himself. Everything, of course, to keep the peace. Because here, too, it’s all about teamwork again. Fighting and courtship are kept to a minimum. Nothing should get any crazier. only briefly and Romanian cleaning lady Suddenly he put on pants instead of a thong.

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Rosendal is where a piece of clothing was finally torn. Which is especially uncomfortable because of the way he forced Mitch to flex his muscles on the kitchen table. Why don’t all the male guests do anything but please?

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There is still a lot to do for the program to become exciting and for true love to flourish. Until then, of course I will continue to watch the show in progress, because thankfully we still have Twitter to spice things up.”

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