The Apple Watch finally gets the feature that users have been asking for for years

The Apple Watch finally gets the feature that users have been asking for for years

Apple Watch is happy to encourage users to get up, move and exercise. That’s nice, but sometimes you can’t do that. You will soon be able to activate rest days.

A week ago, Apple revealed the latest versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. A week later, new features continue to roll out, like watchOS 11’s Rest Days feature. They were included in the presentation by the way, but given the fast pace they were mentioned very briefly.

The Rest Days feature is exactly what you think: it pauses the familiar Activity rings of the Fitness app on the Apple Watch. If you are sick, injured, or unable to perform, you can pause these episodes. For a day, or longer. All this time, progress is not monitored, and even better: the watch does not encourage you to run or stand for a while while you are in bed with a fever.

You can also set goals daily

With WachtOS 11, it is also possible to adjust your goals daily. Useful if, for example, you want to exercise more on your day off, or if you know that you can never achieve your normal exercise goal on a work or school day because you sit more.

With watchOS 11, you also get a new way to view your health via the Vitals app. It brings together your existing data about exercise, sleep, and heart rate in a new way. Then you see how your body behaves as a whole, and whether there is an upward or downward trend. The application can also raise suspicions: that you sleep too little, for example, you drink too much or perhaps you have the flu.

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watchOS 11 will be released later this year, possibly sometime in September. Find out here which Apple Watch you need to get the latest update.

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