The American surgeon appears in a Zoom suit from the operating room

The American surgeon appears in a Zoom suit from the operating room

The plastic surgeon, Scott Green, had to appear in court for a traffic violation. The man called in wearing a mask and operating gown, while the patient was undergoing surgery in the background. Pictures can be seen In a live broadcast from the court on youtube.

“Are you available for your case?” asks the court clerk in Sacramento. “It’s like being in an operating room.”

Green replies, “That’s right, I’m in the operating room. I’m ready, go ahead.”

The presence of the second doctor

While waiting, Green went to work. The judge didn’t think it was a good idea for the lawsuit to continue during the process. “I don’t think it is good for your patient’s well-being if you monitor the condition during surgery.”

According to Green, a lawsuit was indeed possible, because another doctor was also present at the operation, but the judge refused. Then the surgeon apologized. It should now appear later.

The California Medical Disciplinary Board says it is investigating the incident.

Earlier this month, there was also an amazing moment during the Zoom lawsuit in the US. Then the lawyer accidentally activated the cat filter, which he can’t get out of anymore:

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