The AI ​​coalition must save the sector

The AI ​​coalition must save the sector

Artificial intelligence is also booming in the Netherlands. However, the Dutch development of “AI” lags further behind the rest of the world. That is why the government decided to invest 276 million euros from the National Growth Fund.

According to Kies van der Klau, director of the alliance at the Netherlands Alliance for Artificial Intelligence, the Netherlands lags behind when we look at AI implementation. It relates to the value chain. I think we are at the front of the value chain, in scientific research, we really belong to the global summit. If you look at the app: we are definitely not in the leading group but rather we are risking being left behind.

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Dutch Alliance for Artificial Intelligence

According to van der Klau, the Netherlands Alliance for Artificial Intelligence was established to accelerate and improve local development in the AI ​​sector. There were good initiatives, but they were very fragmented. You have an excellent knowledge of the one hand. There are companies already operating, but they are all a bit local. As a small country in Europe, we have to reach a critical mass.

€ 276 million released from the National Growth Fund of the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Alliance. This is mainly used to make the domestic AI sector more attractive, says Van der Klauw, which he considers an investment. We have proposed a number of tools for each part of the value chain. One of them is the talent program. Another is corporate education and training. But it also continued to fund a portion of scientific research in a European context. We must make sure that the Netherlands is attractive to scientists. Because these scientists often go abroad. We’d love to keep it here.

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Competition with foreign countries

If you compare 276 million with the billions invested in the countries around us, it does not appear that the Netherlands can compete. However, Van der Klauw believes we can keep up with the surrounding European countries if we use our investments smartly. It’s not just about how much money is, but also how it is organized. I think we the Netherlands can make a difference by looking for cooperation.

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