That’s why Rod (D) is wild!

That’s why Rod (D) is wild!

No one was watching, but everyone had an opinion! Ruud & Olcay for better or worse It was a failure to watch, but nonetheless kept people busy for weeks. There was a lot of slime, and according to Olkay, Rod was damaged. whats the truth?

A measly 264,000 viewers watched the final episode of Ruud & Olcay for better or worse. The reality soap was far from exciting, but it led to a lot of trouble. Because Ruud de Wild and Olcay Gulsen became angry at Dutch celebrities who expressed themselves condescendingly or laughed about their TV adventure. They seem to be able to live with Jan-with-the-cap’s lack of interest, but the couple has suffered criticism from fellow celebrities as a stab in the back.

Olcay: “I expected it to be intense, but I didn’t expect that the tables and talk shows would be filled with people who might think something about it.” It was already clear that they had fun with critical celebrities such as Gerard Golling (“Unreliable Bastard”), Job van “Te Heck” (“Don’t Be So Stupid”), Wilfried Jenny, broadcaster Jan Slager (“Fossil”) and Rob Goossens. (Rodd mistakenly denounced Goossens).

Remarkably mild
The editors of Jinek, Khalid & Sophie, Op1 and Beau also took a hit because they always (according to Olcay) encourage their guests to make “violent statements”. For example, he described Joling Ruud & Olcay at Jinek as the worst reality series he had ever seen and “unwanted to watch”. Johan Dirksen was still remarkably moderate at Today Inside. “It’s amateurish drama! What bad actors,” de Moustache concluded on Today Inside.

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Crazy man
In retrospect, Rudd was less subtle when the same Johan Dirksen was discredited for his unsavory anecdote about the candle. “We all know we’re dealing with a madman. (…) a role model in tokens,” Rod freaked out through the ether. Well, whoever bounces can anticipate the ball… Ruud has suffered from all the criticism, Olcay now concludes: “I hurt you.” But this role of the victim does not suit Rod at all.

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