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Today is Sunday. Sunday is a weekly Sabbath we observe, God’s command and gift. We dedicate this day especially to the service of God. For Christians, Sunday is the weekly echo of Easter Sunday, in which Jesus Christ is resurrected. Reasons not to update our site today.

We look forward to informing you again tomorrow with daily events, background information, comments and commentary. You are accustomed to us.

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Word on Sunday

Time of Suffering (6)

“See to me the greatness of your mercy …”

Psalm 69:17

Psalm 69: In the 17th verse of Mercy God’s grace is written in the plural. David’s prayer is that God will consider him according to the greatness of his mercy. According to Statenwertlers, the word magnificence can be translated as plural. Another translator says, “According to the abundance of your mercy.” God is not stingy in His mercy. Yet on Calvary the Lord Jesus does not ask for God’s mercy for himself, but does it for the soldiers who hanged Himself.

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