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today is Sunday. The weekly day of rest that we keep on Sunday is a commandment and a gift from God. We dedicate this day especially to the service of God. For Christians, Sunday is also a weekly echo of Easter, when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Reasons why our site is not updated today.

Tomorrow we would like to update you again on the daily happenings, with background information, comments and opinion pieces. As we are used to.

Editor-in-chief Reformatoris Dagblad

Sunday’s word


“To Solomon…”

Psalm 72:1

He says to Solomon above this psalm. And the last verse makes it clear that this hymn was written by David. Who wrote this psalm Solomon? Primarily for the son of David. The king who succeeded David and asked God for wisdom. The man who was guided by God in the difficult choices he had to make and then issued Solomon’s judgment. But whoever reads the psalm verse by verse and chews the words, soon discovers that everything written here cannot refer to an earthly king. This psalm sings mainly about David’s other son, the Messiah.

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