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today is Sunday. The weekly day of rest that we keep on Sunday is a commandment and a gift from God. We dedicate this day especially to the service of God. For Christians, Sunday is also a weekly echo of Easter, when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Reasons why our site is not updated today.

Tomorrow we would like to update you again on the daily happenings, with background information, comments and opinion pieces. As we are used to.

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Sunday’s word

suffering time (6)

“Look at the greatness of your mercy…”

Psalm 69:17

God’s mercy is written in the plural form in verse 17 of Psalm 69: Mercy. David’s prayer is for God to look at him according to the greatness of his mercies. According to Statenvertalers, the word greatness can also be translated with a plural. Another translator says: “According to the abundance of your mercy.” God does not skimp on his mercy. However, the Lord Jesus on Calvary does not turn to God’s mercy on himself, but rather to the soldiers who hung him on the cross.

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