Thai YouTuber Wanted Because Of Millions Of Scam Fans

Thai YouTuber Wanted Because Of Millions Of Scam Fans

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Police in Thailand have issued an arrest warrant for a YouTuber who allegedly defrauded her followers for €54 million. Asian media wrote that a reward of more than 130 thousand euros was offered for the golden advice that led to her arrest.

The 30-year-old Suchata Nongsubashak has 847,000 followers on YouTube under her alias Nutty. She has been known for her dance videos and cover songs.

In her photos and videos on social media, she boasts of winning luxury watches, bags, and cars through her friendly company. Deals with forex investments, or online currency trading.

Nutty invited her followers to invest in this venture as well, with a “big profit” in the future. One of her fans transferred more than 400,000 euros, according to a lawyer representing dozens of victims.

In April, a YouTuber announced that all the money invested had been lost due to a “trading error”. I promised to pay everyone. A few months later, she announced that two cases had been filed against her. She then told her followers that she could not repay anything if she ended up in prison.

Also a scam case in Singapore

Thai authorities assume that Nongsupachak committed fraud on a large scale. It is estimated that around 6000 followers have been scammed. More than 100 people have filed a complaint.

Police say the woman has already changed her name twice and is suspected of fraud in Singapore. In this case, about 30 million euros of prepaid luxury goods were not delivered.

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