Texas Governor Greg Abbott repeals immigration order

Texas Governor Greg Abbott repeals immigration order

Facing a backlash from political parties and business groups, Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday completed a policy of checking all commercial vehicles entering the state from Mexico, a process that could take 14 hours or more and cause a traffic jam. border.

Mr. After an agreement with the governor of Mexico’s Tamaulipas state, Abbott called him at a news conference on Friday and said he would beef up security at gates on the Mexican side of the border and along Rio. Big.

Earlier this week, security monitoring began on April 6 and was part of a coordinated effort by Mexican authorities to do more to stem the flow of immigrants into the United States. Abbott said. On Wednesday, he said the bridge between Laredo and the Mexican city of Nuevo Leon in Colombia would only end checks at the entry point because the state’s governor had agreed to increase border security on the Mexican side.

on friday, mr. Abbott said agreements are now in place with the governors of the four Mexican states bordering Texas to improve security. Opening up the possibility of reissuing a similar policy if the number of crossings increases.

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