TESTED: These are the best smartphones from 350 to 500 euros |  Technique

TESTED: These are the best smartphones from 350 to 500 euros | Technique

iPhone (1)

Phone 1, as the name suggests, is the first phone from scratch. Instantly attracts attention with a clear lid with flashing lights. While the hip device wasn’t able to live up to the hype when it was introduced, it’s still a recommended one, which has different pros and cons than the Pixel 6a above.

Nothing has reduced the upload speed and this phone also has a 120Hz screen. Battery life is very good, even better than the Pixel 6a. Perhaps this is due to the relatively clean software, to which almost nothing has been added, just like with the Pixel.

The camera takes average photos, but with above-average color accuracy, and thanks to the presence of autofocus on the ultra-wide-angle camera, you can take excellent macro photos. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 778+ processor isn’t quite as powerful as the chips in the other two devices on this page, but performance is certainly nothing below average.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro is slightly larger compared to the two phones above, thanks to the larger screen. The glass and metal housing is luxurious and can withstand splashes of water. The 11T Pro has a great camera system, with a 108MP main camera and an impressive 5MP “tele macro” camera that Xiaomi is using on more of its devices.

The 120Hz display is not only big, but it looks nice, nice, and bright. It’s faster than the Pixel 6a, and you can get one for less than €500 Issuance With a large storage of 256 GB. A great party trick is ultra-fast charging, no less than 120W. That it can do that is a good thing, because the battery life isn’t that great.

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