Tesla Cybertruck Telescopic landing unit

Cyberlandr: a Tesla Cybertruck telescopic landing unit

Cyberlandr: a Tesla Cybertruck telescopic landing unit

Kitchen, sitting area, workplace, bathroom and sleeping area. And it all fits into one small package that can be placed under a roof with solar cells in the back of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Although the question is whether the Cybertruck will actually come to Europe – steel frame may be in the way of type approval – it’s a good idea.

Also a recreational vehicle

In the United States, pickup trucks are not only used for work, but are also often used as a recreational vehicle. Many Americans go out with their pickup truck (or SUV) on weekends and holidays, for example to explore national parks, go hiking, fishing, or fishing. The owners of the Tesla Cybertruck, which will be on the market at the turn of the year, will undoubtedly do the same. They then have a power outlet through which they can power the cool box and other electrical appliances. They can also choose from the many accessories that will be available aftermarket by that time. Cybertruck owners who don’t want to bring a trailer and don’t want to sleep in a tent, can opt for the Smart Cybrlander.


Cyberlandr: a Tesla Cybertruck telescopic landing unitCyberLandr turns the Tesla Cybertruck into a humble cart. But it is very compact. It fits in a cargo bed that is barely two meters long. But unlike the landing gear, which is often mounted on a pickup truck, the CyberLandr is invisible while on the ride. It is foldable and can be completely hidden under the cover of the cargo box.

When elevated telescopically, it nearly doubles the height of the Cybertruck. The unit extends to the edge of the lowered tailgate. It has a pull-out tray that leads to an upward sliding door. There is also a retractable canopy that provides the necessary shelter at the entrance and also has solar panels on top. According to a post on the CyberLandr Facebook page: “Like CyberTruck, CyberLandr also has door handles on the outside. The door opens when an authorized person steps in or uses the app to open the door.”

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Inside, the Cyberlandr is a bit like a small house with many windows. The main compartment is at the back. This can be used as a kitchen, office, living room or bedroom. The kitchen has a sink, auto open / close drawers, floor heating, no-touch faucet and noiseless hob, invisible stove and compressor fridge.

There are also two independent chairs with swivel tables in the main compartment for office work, dining or entertainment. The latter is more pleasant thanks to the 32-inch wall-mounted screen. Via the StarLink satellite dish, there is not only TV reception, but also high speed internet connection. Of course there is also Wi-Fi service, with which you can make calls when the mobile phone is out of range.

To sleep

The two chairs can be converted into lounge chairs or a large bed. The bed has been converted into a bed, and it is very high. As a result, there is still a place to sleep underneath for a few children or guests. Of course, lighting, heating and air conditioning are also controlled by sound and / or app and there is also an alarm system.


The bathroom is located behind the main cabin, more or less above the back door. It is equipped with a shower where the water is recycled through a four-stage filter. This allows you to shower for longer with the same amount of water. The floor is warm and made from one ceramic plate. Of course there is also a small foldable basin. There is no black water tank, so the toilet is called dry flushing unit with self-cleaning bowl.

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Solar Panels

The Cyberlandr is equipped with a 20 kWh battery, which can be charged via a 500W solar panel. But power can also be extracted from the Tesla Cybertruck battery pack.

The Cyberlandr, of course, isn’t cheap. The sale price of around $ 50,000 is not small but it appears to us to be reasonably in line with what is on offer. According to the supplier, the Cyberlandr is available upon first delivery of the Tesla Cybertruck units.

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