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During a video call, European Commissioner Thierry Breton warned Elon Musk of a ban on Twitter in Europe if the messaging platform does not comply with European rules. This was reported by the Financial Times (Financial Times).

Regulators in the European Union and the United States are stepping up pressure on Musk and Twitter. The European Commission on Wednesday threatened Musk with a ban on Twitter unless Twitter adhered to strict rules on content moderation, according to the British business newspaper. In the United States, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has indicated that Washington is reviewing the purchase of the social network, according to the Financial Times.

According to press sources, the warning came from Brussels during a video call between Musk and Breton, the European Union commissioner responsible for implementing digital rules. Bretton told Musk that Twitter must abide by a set of rules, including scrapping an “arbitrary approach” to allowing banned users back on the platform, “vigorously tackling misinformation” and approving a new law starting next year. Platform.

One of the EU’s demands is that Musk provide clear criteria based on which users risk being banned. Musk reinstated Donald Trump’s account after polling users on whether the former US president should be allowed back on the site.

Sources): FT Fad
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