“Taylor Swift’s visitors on crutches were denied access,” Arena says sorry.

“Taylor Swift’s visitors on crutches were denied access,” Arena says sorry.

Several Taylor Swift visitors on crutches have been denied access to the entrance to the Johan Cruyff Arena in recent days. For example, a young woman had to leave her accessories under security guard even though she had just had surgery. The Arena has now apologized: “Something went wrong (…), our standard procedures were not followed. We sincerely apologize.”

The woman in her early 20s is one of many “Swifties” and stood in line to enter the square on Thursday with her crutches. She has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is still suffering the physical consequences. Her bones are very fragile, hence the crutches.

“But they had to leave them at the entrance and the arena staff couldn’t guarantee that the seats would still be there when the concert was over. It wasn’t their fault that they were lost,” says Ilonka Lenherr, an acquaintance of the woman in question. Opposite De Telegraaf.

left to fate

The woman had room to stand and needed crutches to get there and stay standing. Security came up with an alternative: a disabled space. She asked security if anyone wanted to walk with her because she was afraid of falling. “It didn’t work, nothing was possible, she was left to her fate.” Eventually, she got inside and was able to attend the ceremony.

The rule is said to have been created to ensure the safety and comfort of others. But nowhere in the document does it say that aids, such as crutches, are not allowed. Arena site.

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Heidi Salverda, the Arena’s chief operating officer, explains to De Telegraaf why the club has certain rules in place. “Our organisation wants to prevent these things from becoming an additional stumbling block in the event of an evacuation or panic. That could lead to dangerous situations. We do this for the bigger picture.”

But Salverda comes up with excuses. “Something went wrong: our usual procedures were not followed on Thursday evening. We therefore offer our sincere apologies to the visitor.” A critical look at how the mistake happened has been promised.

More accidents

Linherr told AT5 that there were more incidents. “After all the media attention, I was contacted by several mothers. One mother came in with the same incident, where the crutches had to be handed over.”

“Another mother told me her daughter arrived last night on crutches and had to be let go. She then called the police for advice, after which she was allowed in.”

Swift will perform her last concert in Amsterdam tonight.

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