Taylor Swift is the first artist ever to have ten top 10 songs in the US

Taylor Swift is the first artist ever to have ten top 10 songs in the US

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Singer Taylor Swift is the first artist ever to have ten songs in the top ten Billboard Hot 100one of the most important chart sites in the United States.

The popular singer released her tenth album last week midnight From. The regular version of the album contains thirteen songs. In addition to the songs in the top ten, the other three songs on the album are at places 13, 14, and 15. Extended version of the album Midnight (3 am edition) Contains twenty songs. These seven additional songs are also in the top 50 of the US chart.

Swift beats, among others, The Beatles and Michael Jackson

The Billboard Hot 100 is compiled based on sales, downloads from streaming services, and the number of times a song has been played on the radio. In the more than sixty years of chart existence, several major artists have been in the top ten with multiple songs.

The Beatles took the top five in 1964 and Michael Jackson also had seven songs from his Thriller album in the top ten of the ’80s. Last year, R&B singer Drake broke that record with nine out of ten spots in the top ten when his album Certified Boy Lover went out.

The 32-year-old singer is surprised on Twitter by the news of her top 10 success:

Swift is prolific. I brought in 2020 2 albums In just five months. In addition to her new albums, she is also re-recording the oldest of her six albums. The rights to these albums came to Swift’s displeasure with manager Scooter Brown, with whom she had a turbulent working relationship.

To prevent Brown from making too much money off her old albums, she decided to re-record them. She has since re-released two albums titled Taylor version: fearless (Originally from 2008) and red (Originally from 2012).

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